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    186 pondered for a moment and then smiled: "The Hetao Plain is an ideal battlefield for mechanized troops to show off their strength... If Neji Gangmura can really do this, then I can only say that he chose an ideal cemetery for his subordinates."

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    Silence does not mean quiet, transport ships are already noisy. Those infantrymen had fought fiercely with the New Fourth Army in Yancheng and Lianyungang. They were well aware of the Chinese military's tough policy and prisoners of war. They believed that the escort ships had all been captured. sink and they are helpless. At this time, their navy is extremely stubborn, trusting the emperor's soldiers, they must fight to the end, even if they commit suicide, they cannot surrender! A fierce argument broke out between the two sides. The navy thought that the mud-foot army was cowardly, and the army thought that these wheat-eating bastards did not value the lives of the army and wanted to drag more than a thousand soldiers and horses on their backs. ... The argument quickly turned into a physical conflict. The contradiction between the army and the army is so deep that if you screw the army to the right, you screw the army to the left. It's just that if the army doesn't eat, the navy eats shit. Anyway, it's different from you! Currently the conflict between the two sides has turned into a war spirit, the navy will not surrender, the army must surrender, there is nothing left to say, let it be!

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    Why must we stop? We're about to win. If there is just another fierce attack on the Devil's 9th Division, the entire line will collapse!

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    There was no movement from the Eighth Army.

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    Liu Xingchang laughed and patted him on the shoulder, smiling and saying: "When this battle is over, it won't be a problem for us to send a few Fei Long bombers as gifts to our Soviet brother, but the repair work Can be changed without delay... What about that set of equipment? Dismantle?"

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    But then he will have to worry about how to stop this battle with no chance of winning, the irony is that he can decide when to start this battle, but cannot decide when Which ends it. The 8th Army's armored forces were forced to cross the Yellow River, which meant that the divisions on the Ordos Heights were completely surrounded. The 2nd Brigade and 9th Brigade independently coordinated to defeat this powerful armored force. mission Impossible. One of these two brigades set out from Zhangjiakou and the other returned from Pingluo, wanting to know what the result would be. He had to find another way to get his troops out of the siege.

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    The Eighth Army launched a tentative attack on the city of Pingluo, and found that the armored troops were very uncomfortable on the roads and streets full of ruined walls, so they retreated with bullets on their bodies, and at the same time dispatched more than 30 140mm mortars to shoot at them. There was a fierce bombardment in the city, and houses were destroyed one by one. Regarding the choice of heavy mortars, the Tan Tu Army in northern Jiangsu and the Eighth Route Army in the Central Plains and Shandong both chose 160mm mortars piled up in the militia's arsenal, while the Eighth Route Army in Son Tay, Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia chose 140mm mortars. The People's Liberation Army does not have a large number of 140mm mortars, nor does it have any inventory, but to produce such low-tech artillery is not difficult, there are artillery factories in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia waiting for orders. . The 140mm mortar is nearly half a ton lighter than the 160mm mortar and has a much faster rate of fire, which is a great advantage in the Northwest where traffic conditions are not favorable. Now, the Japanese army has tasted the power of this personality-filled mortar. The muzzle velocity of the 140mm mortar reaches 400 meters per second. The Japanese army often does not hear the sound of bullets whizzing or hitting. their leader. More than thirty 140mm mortars fired furiously at a rate of five rounds per minute. The 82mm mortar was also loaded with long shells and smashed Pingluo city. Pierced by bullets, the shock wave of the explosion expanded in the room and erupted from the doors and windows. The Japanese puppets sheltering in the room were all torn to pieces. Captain Matsuda hid in the district magistrate's office, watching Pingluo city being blown away in a sea of flames, he groaned helplessly:

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    The mechanics were bellowing the countdown, the paratroopers stood up one after another, the chief of staff said to the brigade commander: "Brigade commander, Baotou is here!"

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    The communications officer looked strange: "Hundreds of national soldiers defending Pingluo City fought bravely, defeated the 7th army and pushed them to Xiaohukou of Helan Mountain to blow the cold wind. In one night, all The legion froze to death. One fled!"

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    will reinforce you with a tank battalion, a rocket launch battalion, and two 152 howitzer battalions. The entire division rushed forward to break through their ambush. If you don't break through, it will prove that you are a nephew!

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    Dozens of Team Zhukou stared at the goats, their eyes glowing green, wishing they could reach out of their throats to pull one of them out and swallow it in one gulp! During this time they were fighting as they advanced, there was no oil in their stomachs, they hadn't even eaten breakfast today, they almost starved to death, now a herd of goats appeared in front of them, it was simply simply a gift from God Amaterasu to them.ah! There was nothing more to say, several cars drove past at full speed!

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    The current situation on the European battlefield is a bit strange. According to original history, the Ardennes battlefield has long been destroyed, but now the Ardennes battlefield and the Italian battlefield are both quiet. The Allied Forces on the Italian battlefield were exhausted, ammunition, physical strength and morale of the soldiers were exhausted, unable to launch an attack, the Allied Forces on the prominent part of the Ardennes battlefield were busy preparing for Christmas and planning a bigger attack next year. , The four US divisions in the salient of the Ardennes battlefield were very comfortable, and the German army on the opposite side did not move. The Soviet Army wanted to enter Berlin as soon as possible, but heavy snow and rain swept across Eastern Europe, the air force could not be mobilized and the artillery was too weak due to low visibility, the Soviet Army could only slow down the attack. offense. Of course, there was another important reason why the attack slowed down: the Soviet army was waiting for a new weapon: the imitation Type 63 automatic rifle. The accumulation of the Soviet military industry in gun manufacturing created a miracle. Less than 3 months after acquiring the Type 63 automatic rifle, they produced a batch of sample guns, with all parameters consistent. very positive, will be put into mass production to replace Bobosha submachine guns and Mosin Nagant rifles in the hands of the Soviet army, dominate the battlefield, after automatic rifles are replaced, effective The Soviet army's fighting will certainly increase greatly, and by then it will be even more certain to defeat Berlin.

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    Kesselring was worried about this, and someone brought him a big gift. After a period of experimentation, he was extremely satisfied with the 203mm howitzer provided by an incompetent arms dealer: it weighed 17 tons, had a rate of fire of one shot per minute and a maximum range... of 50 kilometer! Moreover, that power is also at a crazy level. As long as it is a fortification on the ground, it is at the watermelon level in front of you, and it will shatter with one hit! The accuracy is also very high, basically referring to within 16 km hitting any place, but beyond 20 km the accuracy is relatively poor. There is no way, without precise guidance technology, it is very difficult for artillery to hit a target 20 km away. Even if you fire ten shots, you are not sure to hit one. However, the rich ammunition of the 203mm howitzer solves this problem: don't even think about hitting a target 20 to 30 km away. Great, you can use submunitions and multi-purpose shrapnel! These two types of artillery shells can explode a large area, especially the fragment shells can kill or injure enemy soldiers within an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, the effectiveness is truly outstanding! This is an extremely rare good gun, the rarest is that this mentally retarded man sold it for a super cheap price, a ton of gold for a battalion, my day!

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    Finally, the H-5 squadron flew to Ulan Bator, and hundreds of thousands of leaflets fell, bringing artificial snowfall to Ulan Bator. The citizens of Ulaanbaatar were surprised to see leaflets falling like goose feathers, and they were either stunned or stupid.

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    Satake Katsuji calmed down a bit, carefully observed and quickly discovered something was wrong: the tonnage of these Chinese tanks was probably twice that of Japanese tanks, right? Is it really possible to run thirty or forty kilometers an hour? Damn the Chinese, where did they get such a perverted vehicle, why is there no relevant information at all! He grabbed a liaison officer who was gritting his teeth, tied a white strip of cloth on his forehead in preparation for battle, and called out: "I immediately contact the 13th Regiment to ask about the situation there!" At the same time, report to the division commander and say that we are in Hujir. Armored troops of the Chinese Army have been found in the area around the map, so let him immediately send motorized infantry and motorized artillery regiments here, and we will surround and wipe out the Chinese armored army here!"

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    Xue Jianqiang was stunned for a moment, thinking deeply. He just knew that the new China needed a computer with excellent performance, which could be mass-produced and popularized in a few years, even exported abroad, and the transistor computer just met the needs. their requirements, but how the transistor computer works and how to maintain it is up to him. That's seven holes with six holes erased — they don't know anything, and Xue Min is very good at these things, because she's a computer expert, and she also had a part in making this kind of computer. It would be great if she taught everyone. But... Will Xue Min stay in Yan'an honestly and become a computer course teacher? He didn't know how many times he had learned about her ability to cause trouble. Regarding this younger sister, his assessment was: three days without fighting, go home to dry bricks! Want her to stay in Yan'an honestly? Dream away! He sullenly said: "Don't be messy anymore, the most important thing for you right now is to study hard!"

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    The Japanese army also became crazy, those who could hit the sky loudly, especially the 20 mm anti-aircraft guns, and the shells swept out like splashing water. A Li-2 plane's fuselage was hit by a series of bullets, and the entire plane was broken into two pieces by a violent explosion, turning into two fireballs falling from the sky.

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    Immediately afterwards, a small team of ME-262s took off, they were the specialized bodyguards of this strange bomber. dead It must be done.

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    Xue Jianqiang led him to two rather special containers: "Computers! Six semiconductor computers!"

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    The girl raised her fist: "Disturb!"

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    The Chief of Staff asked: "So where do these fighters come from?"

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    Ma San is from Sichuan and is an ordinary soldier.

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    Dieu Hi said softly: "You can be proud now, I want to see how your brother will treat you after you return..."

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    The Lingshi bombing team was really unhappy with the Japanese military's performance. When they rushed into the sky above the airport, they discovered that the entire airport was empty, with only six crashed planes remaining. damage. The necks waiting to be slaughtered all disappeared. These six bombers went on a rampage and used bombs to level anti-aircraft artillery positions, hangars, oil depots and watchtowers, achieving their goal of completely crippling aircraft at the airport, such results made the squadron very angry and the consequences were serious.

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    Boss Chu smiled darkly: "You said, a deep-rooted traitor finds that his master is in danger, he can end it at any time, the sins he committed in the past will soon be being liquidated, how will he feel?"

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