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    "... Invisibly praising myself." Vuong Han smiled and said.

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    Finally, from the corner of his eyes, he quietly looked back and vaguely saw a small ghost behind him. This ghost moved towards him at an extremely slow speed. He moved back, he pretended not to see. When the ghost suddenly rushed towards the back of his neck, he suddenly jumped up, grabbed the thing's body with his left hand, and even raised the knife, completely cutting off the claws on the guy's body. hey, but even so, his arm was directly punctured with several needle-like holes.

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    When Dai'er first heard that Wang Han wanted to create a person, there was a strong fear in her eyes. With Wang Han's casual explanation, the fear in her eyes became more and more serious, more and more, after Wang Han finished speaking, she immediately spoke frankly and said very worried: "No! You definitely cannot do that! You are directly violating the principle of quality." source quality by doing this. Original purpose! Only source quality can create us, we cannot create us, otherwise everything will be messed up, in the end you must Pay a high price directly!"

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    "It must also have a lot of computing power! Then, we can directly buy things from other states and districts, hahaha! Anyway, I have to buy a hot girl from the angel group, tsk tsk ! This hot girl! Feathers are really comfortable, lying in feathers doesn't even require a blanket at night! I will never forget that exciting feeling after experiencing it once!”

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    The count pointed to a broken goat horn on his forehead, suddenly excited, suddenly remembering what happened at that time was very strange, he was actually looking at it, Vuong Han's eyes lit up, "That's right! This time, I remember correctly! I was beaten into a dog!"

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    Grandma, what a leg! This Lan Ninh Tu Do is definitely a big fraud! This is definitely not something that can be created with a flash of inspiration! According to Vuong Han, this is something that can only be made with such sparkle?! This place is still just part of the theater. I really had no idea how complicated the whole Void Beast Breeding House project would be! But this guy acted like I didn't know what it looked like. This is truly deception. If it weren't for me coming here with Vuong Han and Vuong Han asking me to investigate this matter, I would have been directly deceived by this guy Oh, God knows this guy is still a dog! !!

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    Furthermore, it's not like Vuong Han has never calculated or judged the speed of thought light sphere formation. Under normal circumstances, the interval between thought light sphere formations is 1 hour, which is at least one thought ball. Normal thinking light bridge participates in the recording every hour. During this process, the creation speed will be accelerated when you get emotional. Here, we will calculate at least one memory per hour. Wang Han conservatively estimates that there are about 100 million years of memory. Yes A year has 365 days and 24 hours, well, so the final data has reached an amazing number, which is 876 billion, which means that at this stage, the number of thinking light spheres is normal. Vuong Han's is at least 800 billion... This is still the most conservative estimate. After all, Vuong Han's life can be said to be lost. If we increase a little more, we can directly break through 1 trillion. This is already the average person in the incomprehensible numbers of states and districts, that is, 1 followed by 12 zeros of the kind of money that even in dreams of wealth do not dare to have. There is so much of it that it scares people, only the strong are "worthy" to control this type of money.

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    Not only that, Vuong Han also saw the so-called losers being brought back here. These losers smiled proudly one by one, were hung on the rack, and brought towards the theater, and he was like that. This guy stood in the air, his toes naturally drooping, and he was flying with a loser like this, with Daier by his side, who was so sharp and kept calm, he didn't even have Not joking at all, just directly using his own computing power to start investigating the souls of these losers, "They don't look like normal people at all, and regardless they are losers A successful life or person will essentially have no soul-core light." evil on the planet is nothing more than everything created by the environment. By their nature, individual countries and districts are too fragile compared to the quality of their origin and are very susceptible to change by their surroundings. Then, under such circumstances, the crazy performance of these losers, it can only be that their heads are broken, that is, there may be big problems with his soul."

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    To Dai'er's surprise, Wang Han took Dai'er out to a restaurant, entered a restaurant, and after ordering a dish, he easily picked up his chopsticks and faintly said, "I'm now Now there is no evidence to prove that Lanning Situ has a relationship with Tu Hai, but if Lanning Situ has a relationship with Tu Hai as a premise, then everything can be explained, if he can have a relationship with Tu Hai. relationship with Tu Hai, then he will naturally feel superior to others. After all, you are the project leader of the Void Beast Cultivation Cabin. What an honor! And he He didn't choose to kill me after he saw me come out of the sea of nothingness. Not because of his kindness, but because I came from Tu Hai, he didn't know if I was a native of Tu Hai. Hai or not, after checking me, he didn't dare do anything to me. Even if he contacted Tu Hai or talked about my matter, I don't know."

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    Enlarged! I definitely won't regret it! Thuong Dang smiled firmly and said, although he was ugly, there was a trace of innocence in his smile. Vuong Han looked at Truong Dang's sweet smile, his heart was truly moved. not because I was fascinated, but because the refreshing and clean smile this corpse's body revealed had an unusually strong visual impact, like a thousand-year-old person had just lifted off the coffin board. from a corpse, and then a cute person, who can stand this? At this time, Truong Dang raised his head to look at the cave above his head, "Anyway, as long as I can be with Uncle Vuong Han and you, as for other things, I have no fear or fear at all." regret."

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    ... Dai'er suddenly felt a little surprised, "What do you mean, from the void sea after the other side took away my homeland? My homeland can be very powerful, can it be easily cut? But Where does my strength lie?" In our school, middle school is just intermediate level. We really want to meet our elders. Can they still make trouble in front of our elders? We elders are afraid we won't directly knock them to the ground."

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    Vuong Han turned his head to look at this person's back. From his eyes, he could see that this person had always been tough, but helped him open a path where he could bend down to walk. At the same time, on Vuong's side, Vuong Han Han, I also discovered that this person's limbs were cut off quite smoothly, clearly man-made, moreover it belonged to the type of intelligent and rational person who did it, "Um... It's understandable for the other side to do this, even if they don't know what they did to them at that time, what happened to this person, but if I find this person, and if I don't want to replace you I'd better do it like this, otherwise I'll be in trouble with the iron prison, it's too dangerous."

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    "Perhaps there is only one explanation, Tu Hai has completely exhausted this Essence, naturally eliminating the Essence outside, so she can survive in Tu Hai to replace the Essence, and moreover The original itself may not be completely unconscious." , it must have some basic logic in it, otherwise if it is like sand, it can clearly distinguish that I don't want to be killed, and this nightmare will be killed to get rid of it? The logic of this nightmare's existence should completely violate the logic of quality itself, so once the nature of quality finds her, it wants to quickly destroy this kind of existence that should not appear, the kind that violates the rules. This source quality principle is the thing that source quality hates?

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    "It's okay, whatever Uncle Vuong Han said, I'll definitely do my best." Dai'er is very confident right now.

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    “Hey, what's wrong?” Daier was looking at the small long lamp to learn some complicated tricks.

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    “It's so confusing.” Dai Nhi stood helplessly behind the small light. The children in front of her were all smiling. When she regained consciousness, she discovered that the small light seemed to be observing very intently. Like the child in front of her, at this time she also felt a little soft-hearted, "I don't know what Tieu Truong Dang thinks now, she hasn't said she has friends, nor has she said anything. What friend is so absolute, but she is the same age as my friend, she is not on the cultivation path all day, even during the cultivation process, I think even a small long lamp will feel Feeling very tired? This time giving her a little chance to go out is very important. Well, at least the old saying is still good, which means the combination of work and rest will be more reliable."

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    "Um..." Vuong Han nodded, listening to the high and low voices of these young men, he seemed to have seen himself before, but now he was very curious, "Do you know Lan Ninh Tu Do?"

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    Not because there was any distance between him and Dai Nhi, or because this kind of thing couldn't be told to Dai Nhi at all, but because he hadn't thought of it yet, so he told Dai Nhi this story. There are things that can bother Dai Nhi until then, there is no way to safely bring him the child.

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    After walking around for a while, Vuong Han finally found the source of this underground river. This was the exit that reflected the gray sky. When he looked at the sky under the yellow river, he could feel the A strong sense of oppression was transmitted. Through this piece of sky, I can also feel the suffocating hot air. At this moment, Vuong Han is like a fish floating underwater, looking at the situation in the sky from the surface of the sea, this situation is really Like like when he left Tu Hai, the first time he saw the continent, at that time he also left Tu Hai, then went to the middle of the continent, now it's the same, but there is no feeling of surprise in it. , but I have to say that after seeing what was hidden behind the golden essence, he also smiled three times.

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    But at this time, Vuong Han did not continue to say anything more about this matter.

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    "Of course, Tu Hai and Tu Van, in my opinion, have the same nature, they are just simple names." Vuong Han thought comfortably.

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    "No hurry." Vuong Han retracted his pupil, "You still haven't told me how to use this pupil."

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    "Okay, then I will be the guardian of this child. You can control whatever you do. As long as you don't hurt him, I will definitely take care of him!" Dai'er said seriously.

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    "Ha ha, no one can explain this kind of thing clearly." Vuong Han smiled and said.

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    "Alright!" Lanning Xiaoxi lay next to the small bed, when she saw this small long lamp, her eyes seemed to completely melt, “So adorable!!!”

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    "Yes." Vuong Han looked at Manh Mau's almost broken body, "Two problems, first, in the state and district there is a person named an earl, this earl got your memories from a small virtual pill. Go ahead and give it to him? Second, why does Tu Hai have the ability to prolong time?"